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Getting back on the gig scene

Morton’s Toe got back together for some much over due rehearsals and played a couple of gigs this week.

It was great to get out there and play to an appreciative audience both times and we got great feedback on a lot of our songs which we are very grateful for.

Hopefully we’ll get some more gigs sorted soon and I’ll get off my arse and promote them more too!!

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Looking for Gigs

So come along for the ride

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Thanks to everyone who came along friends and new friends alike. We had a great night and hope you did too. Mike

Finding Love Featured in Music Podcast

Finding Love has been kindly featured in Pollyanna Cowgirl Records Podcast–-yo-yo-daddy-o/ Many thanks to Elton MacManus of fame who suggested us to the host. We’ll have to get in the studio proper to get a proper recording to the host for next time. Thanks, Mike

Coming to a live venue near you (or London, whichever’s closest)

Well Morton’s Toe have been working hard in the studio to perfect some song arrangements and feelings and get them just right so they fit in your ears all perfect like. We’re very nearly gig ready now so keep your eyes out for full band gig dates coming as soon as we can book ‘em [...]

Morton’s Toe(Solo) in London on 09/19/10