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Morton’s Toe(Full Band) in London on 08/24/10

Morton’s Toe(Full Band) in New Cross on 05/26/10

Morton’s Toe(Full Band) in Kingston on 05/07/10

Morton’s Toe(Full Band) in Lewisham on 12/02/10

Morton’s Toe(Full Band) in London on 10/05/10

Thanks to everyone who came along friends and new friends alike. We had a great night and hope you did too.


Morton’s Toe(Solo) in London on 09/19/10

Flyer for Phoenix Bar, Cavendish Sq gig

Morton’s Toe(Solo) in London on 08/22/10

Flyer for Phoenix Bar, Cavendish Sq gig

Mike Dixson playing a solo gig on 4th July

Hi all,

After the success of the gig I played at the Phoenix bar last month Mike will be playing another solo spot there on Sunday 4th July.

The Phoenix in Cavendish Square is a very short walk from Oxford Circus and is well served by tube and buses alike.

It’d great to get the place packed out with as many friendly faces as possible.
Also I’m working on a new song which I’d love to get your feedback on.
I’ll be on stage around 8:30 or so.


Morton’s Toe Demo MP3s

Hi all

I’ve put up some mp3′s of some rough demos of our songs. Whilst I’m still laid up with my broken leg I’m working on some ideas for new stuff but in the meantime there are some of our tunes up on our Music page

I’m also looking at different ways of writing songs, gathering inspiration and looking at working on some songs with a different style.

Love to you all,

Sod’s Law

Well sod’s law kicked in. I was finally getting round to updating then site, practising solo and with the band and then I go and break my leg!

I’m laid up for a fair while which may bring about some new songs if I’m lucky. At the moment I’m just trying to work out how to get from one place to another carrying stuff like drinks and food.
Bottled drinks and cold and packaged food seems the way at the moment.